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Performance Freeride


The Motion is our top selling freeride board and for good reason. It is a perfect balance of ease of use and freeride performance, ridden by new kiteboarders and top athletes alike. The advanced top and bottom shaping provide the Motion with a consistent flex throughout the board, and the all-new Flex Tip design gains extra control through carves and powerful edging.
model length width
Motion 134 cm 41 cm
Motion 138 cm 41,5 cm
Motion 142 cm 42 cm

All-around Freeride


The board to take you from Zero to Hero. The Hero continues to push performance boundaries for a beginner-friendly board, featuring a wider shape to help with low wind glide and provides a stable platform to learn and progress on. Its flex pattern and rocker gives the rider a smooth ride through chop and easy landings.
model length width
Hero 130 cm 41,5 cm
Hero 135 cm 42 cm
Hero 140 cm 43 cm
Hero 145 cm 43,5 cm

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Naish Logo, Shaka Fuerte

Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14


The Pivot is an incredible all-around kite with great performance no matter the conditions. If you want a kite that does everything anywhere or anytime, the Pivot is the kite for you. This kite is famous for its incredible jumping ability, wave riding performance, responsiveness, and tight, pivoting turns.

Sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


The Slash is Naish’s dedicated wave kite that offers unmatched drift, linear power delivery, and a wide wind range. The Slash provides a predictable, forgiving and stable flight, whether you’re riding in perfect side shore surf or gusty, stormy conditions.

Kitesurf rental Prices

1 day

85 €

4 days

280 €


375 €

9 days

525 €


620 €

*Includes: board, kite, pump, bar, universal roof rack.

**Only board or kite: 40 €/day or 195 €/week

*** 1 day = 24 hours