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wave quad

Wave quad

If your main focus is down the line wave riding, look no further. All details of this shape are tuned without compromise for the best possible experience on the wave. This is not a board for flat water sailing,It’s a bit nervous on a straight line.
Combination of thin rails, narrow tail and curvy rocker line with the mono-concave through the whole length with just a bit of Vee in the last 20 cm makes it turn tight, is fast with good grip in the bottom turn and snappy in the top turn. Direct and responsive.

model volume length width
Quad 80 80 l 222 cm 56 cm
Quad 85 85 l 223 cm 57,5 cm
Quad 90 90 l 224 cm 59 cm
Quad 95 95 l 253 cm 60 cm
Quad 100 100 l 255 cm 61,5 cm

Full carbon


The f-rides were tested over a two year development cycle with direct input from a select group of freeriders in combination with Patrik’s wealth of experience. The shapes are specifically designed to be more comfortable and user-friendly in all aspects of freeriding, including early planing, controlled blasting and easy gybing.
model volume length width
F-Ride 125 125 l 251 cm 67,5 cm
F-Ride 135 135 l 252 cm 71,5 cm
F-Ride 145 145 l 253 cm 75,5 cm

full carbon


This board has simply a fun riding shape, which even gives pro-windsurfers a smile on their face when they remember back what windsurfing is all about! It brings up the feeling which we would call fun, soul, excitement, adrenalin, or whatever word to describe the feeling which makes you happy.
model volume length width
F-Cross 87 87 l 233 cm 58,5 cm
F-Cross 94 94 l 234 cm 60,5 cm
F-Cross 103 103 l 235 cm 62,5 cm
F-Cross 113 113 l 236 cm 64,5 cm

get constructin


The slightly wider and thinner shape is more stable and improves the performance in non-perfect conditions. To keep the maneuverability as it was we increased the tail kick and reduced the tail width while adding a winger. The final result is a very polyvalent design which in combination with the 5 fin boxes excels in ease adapting to changing conditions.

model volume length width
QT-Wave 83 83 l 227 cm 57cm
QT-Wave 103 103 l 230 cm 63cm
QT-Wave 113 113 l 231cm 66 cm

get constructin


If you know Patrik’s shapes you will probably not doubt the general performance like planing, acceleration, speed, pop and slide. But the new blend with a length of only 212 cm truly opens new dimensions on the water and in the air.

model volume length width
Air-Style 92 92 l 211 cm 61,5 cm
Air-Style 98 98 l 212 cm 64,5 cm

gls construction


An easy introduction for intermediates, the EVO lacks no bite in hard-carving or top-end control. A perfectly tuned scoop rocker and domed deck combines with a compact outline giving a sweet sensation that’s both easy to use and ready to push to the limits.

model volume length width
Evo 125 125 l 245 cm 71 cm

soft deck gls construction


The Surf guarantees anyone a fun and fast entry into the windsurfing world, while still offering enough possibilities to progress and have fun for more advanced riders. Getting in the straps, jibing, trimming upwind or racing downwind are all possible.

model volume length width
Primo School 200 l 270 cm 89 cm

pre-booking -10%

(min. 3 days before traveling)

Windsurf Sails

Combat HD

Combat HD

No matter which spot, from side-offshore winds and perfect peeling waves, to huge onshore white waters, the Combat will never disappoint. Designed for dynamic and adventure-seeking sailors, the Combat delivers low-end power when you need it.

Light, stable and strong – the Combat is equipped to deal with whatever, whenever, and whoever.

size luff boom base mast
3.7 359 148 20 340 / 370
4 368 153 28 340 / 370
4.2 375 157 6 370
4.5 385 160 16 370
4.7 395 164 26 370
5 408 168 8 400
5.3 420 172 20 400
5.6 432 176 32/2 400 / 430



The Salt Pro is performance orientated four batten wave sail. Comprising high skin tension and a tight leech, Point-7 has created a very manoeuvre and reactive oriented ride maintaining a slightly flat batten profile over the boom. The Salt is fast riding on the waves, quick to respond in the new school wave sailing and ultra-light in your hands. Lots of S/shaping in the battens gives extra speed to jump higher.



Lot’s of pop, short boom, high base, and straight profiled battens, lightweight! These were the requests from our freestylers. To meet the requirements of the team a large Dacron panel was introduced into a four-batten construction, to create earlier planning and more pop in the sail.



This is the sail for the youngsters who wants to have the same qualities in their sail as the adults. Balanced and scaled for the smaller people!



Make learning a breeze. Heavy duty construction, light weight feel. An easy and durable sail for getting started. Ready to be beaten up by those who are learning windsurfing and it’s smooth lifestyle. The sail can be equipped with Point-7 booms and masts, but also compatible with a wide range of components.

Windsurf rental Prices

1 day

65 €

4 days

243 €


325 €

9 days

455 €


535 €

*Includes: board, 2 sails, boom, mast foot, extension, universal roof rack.

**Only board or sail: 40 €/day or 195 €/week

*** 1 day = 24 hours


(min. 3 days before traveling)

4 days

219 €


290 €


409 €


480 €

*Includes: board, 2 sails, boom, mast foot, extension, universal roof rack.

**Only board or sail: 35 €/day or 175 €/week


4 of 7 days

215 €

9 of 14 days

373 €

*Includes: board, 2 sails, boom, mast foot, extension, universal roof rack.

**Flexible renting from the 1st of october till the 1st of march.

windsurf lessons prices


75 €

2 hours lessons • equipment and wetsuit included


190 €

6 hours lessons • equipment and wetsuit included

1 hour private lesson

80 €

*equipment not included
** 30 € extra equipment included